No puppies planned until 2022

17 november, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

So this is still the weirdest year yet! We have decided to shut down the direct messages on Facebook and will not be answering messages on Instagram either. We have always tried to answer all people that contact us but we have not had the chance this year. We are sincerly sorry if you have tried to contact us and have not gotten a reply. 

We will not have a new litter until 2022 at the earliest, so we have closed our puppy buyer questionaire as well for now. If you need to come into contact with us for any other reason, we urge you to send us an e-mail at

Our G-litter has just left the nest and you can see their info and their own pages under Avkommor

Two of the puppies are staying with us for now, one male ”Biz” and one female ”Zplit” you can see them in the menu under Hundarna.