Good start to the year!

6 mars, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

This time of year there is usually a calm period between show seasons. The dogs get to rock a sporting cut, very comfortable for us as well since the snow is very unkind to a Lagotto’s coat.

The same has been true this year, except for our young starlet Zäta (T. Crazy Daisy). She has been out picking points for her championship titles; she turned 2 years old in October. She has been to 5 shows so far 2019 and the results have been great:
1 x BOB
2 x CAC
2 x R-CAC

When she was BOB in Denmark at IDS Fredericia we thought judge Jo Schepers captured her perfectly:
“2 years, very typical bitch, good propportions, beautiful head, dark eyes, very good expression, good bite, very good topline, very good tailset, very good coat and curls, easy mover, lot of temperament, very typical for the breed.”

What are we most proud of? The comment “lot of temperament”, we love her always-confident way and her constantly wagging tail. We look forward to the rest of 2019, after a short and very well deserved break for her now.

We have also gotten two new health results in so far this year:
T. Cherry Blossom “Coco” eyes – CLEAR
T. Buon Baciatore “Caztor” eyes – CLEAR

It has been a good year so far, let’s hope it continues all the way!

Zäta in Denmark