The youngsters deliver

6 november, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We are so fortunate to have very committed and eager owners to the dogs with the TufflaZ prefix!
So we had a meeting with the youngest group (a few from our F-litter) a few weeks ago for some grooming and to meet each other. The puppies were just 4,5 months old but behaved very well and all looked amazing when they were done! We so look forward to see them grow up!!

This weekend our young finnish boy Uno (T. Double or Nothing) travelled with his owner Jenni to Estonia for an international double show! And he did a double for sure – 2xCAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOS (best male), this young starboy keeps his breeders smiling always! Huge congrats to his owners Jenni and Eeva, thank you for giving him the best life and the opportunity to show the world who he is!

Uno at IDS Tartu (Est)
T. For Life ”Tjabo” 4,5 months old
T. For King and Country ”Enzo” 4,5 months old
T. For Richer or Poorer ”Rozzi” 4,5 months