19 juni, 2022 av Anna Wannberg

June 11, 2022
Swedish Lagotto Speciality Show with 55 entries

TufflaZ For Tune ”Elmaz” and her wonderful handler Alice Lind went all the way to BEST IN SHOW!
Elmaz is from Ch Regun Mango and out of Ch TufflaZ Buona Fortuna.

Photo: Jolanta Andersone


Looong overdue update

8 juni, 2022 av Anna Wannberg

Over a year has passed since we wrote any news on our website, we should be ashamed. The website has been updated regularly though; it is just the news entries that has been missing.

We have an idea of changing that now. Let’s see how we do 🙂

The year has been an eventful one, so let us summarize:
T. Goes Big – HD A, ED 1/0 and mental description done
T. Goes Dutch – HD B, ED 0 and mental description done
T. Goes Bananas – HD A, ED 0 and mental description done
T. Goes La La La – HD B and ED 0
T. Goes Nuts – HD B and ED 0
T. Goes Viral – HD A and ED 0
T. Goes to Show – HD C, ED 0, patella 0/0, eyes clear and mental description done

T. Eyes Eyes Baby – eyes clear
T. Eye Eye Captain – eyes clear (distichiasis)
T. Eye Lash – patella 0/0 and eyes clear
T. Eye Candy – patella 0/0 and eyes clear

T. Cheer up Buttercup – eyes clear and new title RLD F
T. Amabile – new title RLD N

T. Buon Baciatore – eyes clear and new title C.I.B
T. Buona Regina – eyes clear
T. Buona Fortuna – new title SECh and mother to our new editions. Our H-litter was born December 1st, 2021.

Our own Zcout (T. Heads I Win Tails You Lose)

We have been matching Biz a bit during 2021 and spring 2022, he was also joined by Elmaz in 2022. So far they have:
T. Goes to Show (13 shows)
1 Swedish R-CAC
1 Norwegian CAC
2 Finnish CAC
Best junior at Raduno in Bagno di Romagna with Italian junior-CAC
Very good at truffle trial in Bagno di Romagna
BOB at NDS Tornio (FI)

Bagno di Romagna

T. For Tune (7 shows)
1 Swedish CAC
1 Finnish CAC
2 x BOS

T. For Tune and T. Goes to Show

A tip is to visits our different pages to see results and new pictures of a lot of the offspring from our breeding. All the dogs have their own pages under Avkommor.


Mentaldescription and YouTube channel

17 maj, 2021 av Anna Wannberg

A few more of our breeding did their mentaldescription (BPH) last weekend. We didn’t take any photos this time. Instead we focused on getting videos, as they say even more than a picture in this case at least.

So this resulted in TufflaZ getting our own YouTube channel.

We’ve started 2021 on a good note!

26 februari, 2021 av Anna Wannberg

Our E-litter also know as the Eye-litter turned 1 year old on February 3rd and today on the 26th we got the last of their x-ray results! So fantastically committed owners fulfilling our wishes.

And the results are better than anyone could hope for <3

2020 has come to an end, finally!

31 december, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

So finally 2020 has come to an end! We do hope that 2021 will be a better year when we will get to meet our friends again at shows and other dog activities! We have had a good year considering the state of the world, it has had its ups and downs, you know – life as it is! We will give you the events of 2020 as we wish y’all a Happy New Year! 

We started the year with and big up when we welcomed our Eye-litter 

We kept two girls – T. Eye Lash Franz” (10 months old on the photo)

And T. Eye Candy ” Diza” with breeding rights (10 months old on the photo)

We lost our wonderful bitch T. Crazy Daisy ”Zäta” after she had to undergo surgery for patellar luxation that didn’t heal properly – this left us devestated..

In August we had a kennel gathering at beautiful Herrfallet, it was a success as we finally got to meet some friends, outside of course!

T. Cheer up Buttercup ”Lotuz” and his owner Lena got four qualifying results in a row making him Rally Novice (RLD N)

In August we got this wonderful girl, T. For Tune, back since she didn’t fit with the other dog in her family! Sometimes we have to believe in fate as we didn’t really want to sell her when she was a puppy and now here she is back home!

We had no shows 2020, but Finland had a few and the fantastic T. Double or Nothing ”Uno” did a hat-trick making him Finnish Show Champion!

Ztella had a busy year as she had a second litter fall! We got welcome 7 new lives into the world

And once again we kept two puppies, but one male T. Goes to Show ”Biz”

And his sister T. Goes Dutch ” Zplit”

During the year we have had one more big down though, surronded by ups, life is good at giving us curved balls!
So these are the health checks done during 2020:

T. Atteso – eyes clear and patella 0/0
T. Appariscente – patella 0/0
T. Alba – eyes partial cortical cataract, mild.
T. Amorosa – eyes PRA
T. Buon Baciatore – eyes clear and patella 0/0
T. Buona Regina – eyes clear
T. Double or Nothing – patella 0/0
T. For Life – HD C, ED 0, eyes clear and patella 0/0
T. For Richer or Poorer – HD C, ED 0, eyes clear and patella 0/0
T. For Tune – HD B and ED 0, eyes clear and patella 0/0
T. For Fox Sake – HD A and ED 0
T. For King and Country – HD C, ED 0, eyes clear and patella 0/0

As you can see one of our bitches has been diagnosed with PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) so we have made her and her mother Bonebreakers Girasole available for the research that is going on at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her siblings and offspring has given blood and we hope that they will find the gene or genes that cause PRA in lagotto soon. Right now the Swedish Lagotto Club has started a fundraiser to help the university. Please donate, every penny counts!