E-litter gallery

12 februari, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

Now we are back on the letter E. Our E-litter is now 1 week old and they have gotten their own gallery. We will update with pictures every week. So keep an eye out 🙂


4 februari, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

Igår såg vår E-kull dagens ljus!Ztella bar på 7 vackra valpar, tyvärr var en hanvalp dödfödd.Så vi har en kull med 2 hanar och 4 tikar i flera fina färger, vi blir alltid så glada av lite gott & blandat!Se mer om kullen under Valpar För de som väntar på att vi ska höra av…

Another year coming to an end, this was 2019!

30 december, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We’ve had a good year, a really good year!We have gathered some of our favourite parts from the year below, but as always they are to many to mention..During the year we have had 10 dogs with the TufflaZ-prefix (including the entire C-litter) in for eye checkups – ALL CLEAR!Uno – T. Double or Nothing…

The youngsters deliver

6 november, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We are so fortunate to have very committed and eager owners to the dogs with the TufflaZ prefix!So we had a meeting with the youngest group (a few from our F-litter) a few weeks ago for some grooming and to meet each other. The puppies were just 4,5 months old but behaved very well and…

Better late than never..

30 juli, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

Our website is updated!Check out:– F-litter gallery– Caztor’s offspring– Avkommor (all of the F-puppies have their own pages)– Results