1 week

9 juni, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

They are already 1 week, our F-litter. They eat and grow as they should. For the ones that wonder what happened to E, the letter is still intended for Ztella’s litter so we have moved on to F for now 🙂

They have arrived!

2 juni, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We are happy to post this, our fortune cookies have arrived! See more under Valpar

What a debut!!

29 maj, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

This weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Uno (T. Double or Nothing) again after more than a year since he moved to Finland! And boy were we happy with his development! He was travelling with his owner Jenni to Nordic Dog Show in Gimo (SWE) and then to the Norwegian Lagotto Speciality Show, for…


6 maj, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

Well it’s finally here – The PuppyNews! We are extremely happy to announce that Scilla (TufflaZ Buona Fortuna) has been lent to us for a litter and that it is now confirmed that she is pregnant. She has been mated to gorgeous C.I.B MultiCh Regun Mango This has been a dream come through for us…

Good start to the year!

6 mars, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

This time of year there is usually a calm period between show seasons. The dogs get to rock a sporting cut, very comfortable for us as well since the snow is very unkind to a Lagotto’s coat. The same has been true this year, except for our young starlet Zäta (T. Crazy Daisy). She has…