E-litter gallery

12 februari, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

Now we are back on the letter E.
Our E-litter is now 1 week old and they have gotten their own gallery. We will update with pictures every week. So keep an eye out 🙂


4 februari, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

Igår såg vår E-kull dagens ljus!
Ztella bar på 7 vackra valpar, tyvärr var en hanvalp dödfödd.
Så vi har en kull med 2 hanar och 4 tikar i flera fina färger, vi blir alltid så glada av lite gott & blandat!
Se mer om kullen under Valpar

För de som väntar på att vi ska höra av oss så håll ut vi kommer snart i gängorna igen och svarar på mail 🙂

Stolta mamman Ztella och några av hennes barn

Another year coming to an end, this was 2019!

30 december, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We’ve had a good year, a really good year!
We have gathered some of our favourite parts from the year below, but as always they are to many to mention..
During the year we have had 10 dogs with the TufflaZ-prefix (including the entire C-litter) in for eye checkups – ALL CLEAR!
Uno – T. Double or Nothing has been x-rayed with HD-B and ED-0!

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Now for some highlights!!

Zäta (T. Crazy Daisy) started the year by being BOB with CAC and CACIB at IDS Fredericia in Denmark. She has gotten 2 CACs and 4 R-CACs during the year, so she is just missing out on her titles still. But a fine year for a fine lady!
Cajsa (T. Cicero’s Rose) did her BPH – mental description – in May. No surprises there she has a very good character much like her mother Roza.
We had our first breeders group with four combinations in Gimo in May, so much fun and the best part was meeting Uno again <3
The day after Uno (T. Double or Nothing) went to the Norwegian Speciality and won a huge junior class and endad up 3rd best male with R-CAC! Some debut for our young lad!
We had the enormous pleasure of getting to lend Scilla (T. Buona Fortuna) for a litter. She is without a doubt one of the best lagotto we have breed and she turned out to be just as good a mother. We mated her with the fantastic MultiCh Regun Mango.
They gave us these cute fortune cookies – our F-litter!
And we decided to keep this boy named T. For Richer or Poorer aka Rozzi as a part of the kennel. We look forward to 2020 with him and his family!
Caztor (MultiCh T. Buon Baciatore) has been this years reserve, he has been shown 7 times and four times he has been 2n best male with 2 R-CACIB and 2 R-NORDIC-CAC! Very nice results but falling on the finish line is never much fun!
Caztor did become a father for the second time during 2019 though, a nice litter of five at kennel Quintinos, looking forward to seeing more of the in 2020!
Ended the year on top with Rozzi being BIS-4 at his first puppy-show!
And Uno being BOS x 2 with 2 CACIB and 2 CAC at IDS Tartu (EST)
We have ended the year by mating Ztella (T. Buona Regina) and now we hope for puppies in February <3 Hoping for a happy and healthy 2020!

The youngsters deliver

6 november, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

We are so fortunate to have very committed and eager owners to the dogs with the TufflaZ prefix!
So we had a meeting with the youngest group (a few from our F-litter) a few weeks ago for some grooming and to meet each other. The puppies were just 4,5 months old but behaved very well and all looked amazing when they were done! We so look forward to see them grow up!!

This weekend our young finnish boy Uno (T. Double or Nothing) travelled with his owner Jenni to Estonia for an international double show! And he did a double for sure – 2xCAC, 2xCACIB and 2xBOS (best male), this young starboy keeps his breeders smiling always! Huge congrats to his owners Jenni and Eeva, thank you for giving him the best life and the opportunity to show the world who he is!

Uno at IDS Tartu (Est)
T. For Life ”Tjabo” 4,5 months old
T. For King and Country ”Enzo” 4,5 months old
T. For Richer or Poorer ”Rozzi” 4,5 months

Better late than never..

30 juli, 2019 av Anna Wannberg

Our website is updated!
Check out:
F-litter gallery
Caztor’s offspring
Avkommor (all of the F-puppies have their own pages)

New edition to team TufflaZ – T. For Richer or Poorer ”Rozzi”
Here with his family including uncle Zoff <3
T. For King and Country ”Enzo” with his new family
T. For Life ”Tjabo” with his new family
T. For Fox Sake ”Rufus” with his new family
T. For Tune ”Rut” with her new family