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31 augusti, 2020 av Anna Wannberg

So a large part of 2020 has passed by and the world is not to be recognized.
We have had a calm year with no shows, but we are enjoying our young lady Franz (T. Eye Lash) that was born in February.
On August 7-8 we had a kennel gathering combined with the first meeting for our E-litter as they turned 6 months.
You can see more about the meeting under Kennelträffar.
We have had many health checks done and you can as always see all results under Avkommor and more information about each dog on their own pages.
Many dogs have updated pictures as well.
Yes, as you can understand we have made some time for our website lately and that always makes us feel good!

Updated pages:

T. Amorosa “Roza”
T. Atteso “Enzo”
T. Appariscente “Bruno”
T. Crazy Daisy “Zäta”
T. Cheer up Buttercup “Lotuz”
T. For Life “Tjabo”
T. For Richer or Poorer “Rozzi”
T. For King and Country “Enzo”
T. Eye Lash “Franz”
T. Eye Of The Tiger “Ozzy”
T. Eye Candy “Diza”
T. Eyes Eyes Baby “Tosca”

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